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Supper Bowl Sundae

i wish there was a baby kitten just rough housin’ around in your radio studio during super bowl sunday. if you are allergic to them, then you should realize that cat allergies are fake. 

medianuts said: What for, how so?

Inside the toadstool is a barstool. Have a seat. Have a baby!

Anonymous said: 75% of episode zero won't do. I mean won't do anything. and I want it all because I'm falling in love all over again. wit u.

you’re the angel inside of my firmament. sorry!

should be in ask

what’s the diff?

mackload said: I can't hear the 75% of episode zero. why not? your radio show is really good. thanks for doing it.

you’re the kindest cut. is that a reference? You can’t hear it because I got fat + lazy + internet. I’m trying to make a new radio show right now, so stay tuned, maybe it’ll happen and you can be a guest! sorry, andrew

Anonymous said: What de fuck does it all mean? how do u wake up every morning? hododododde do

waking up isn’t the hard part. It’s staying awake that’s made out of food — lots of proteins, thankfully…praetorious cat. “Lebanese labia — labrador laboratory. Laborious lobes. Latex Lazerbeamz”

Vote for Presidents

A crazed midwestern businessman wants to include an archived episode of Vile Jelly on his “literary app”. (Seriously.) 

I’m thinking of giving him episode 3? or maybe 4? Do *you* have a favorite episode? Do *you* have better things to think about?

Vile Jelly is closed for summer, but the Planetary Doctor is still filing his reports!

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